Armory 1-16

AZ Nerf War is intended to be a marriage of the simple thrills of foam blaster play many of us loved as kids with the resources, organization, and freedom that adulthood brings.

It may be stating the obvious, but the primary goal of Nerf War is pure, unfiltered fun. We are not trying to be “hardcore” about any part of it – competition, blaster collection, modification, or anything else. Anyone finding themselves taking things too seriously will be invited to remember the mission statement of FUN.

This site will serve as the guidebook for organized Nerf wars in Arizona. Look here for the latest info on the rules of the game, and resources for making the best blaster selection to suit your individual play style.

Further discussion, including the latest updates on the date and venue of the war itself can be found by checking the Nerf War Facebook group. If you’re reading this you should already be a member.

Note: At this time our Facebook group and our Nerf-related events are friends/invite only. If you have located this website and do not know us personally, check back later for information on potential public events, which may or may not be possible in the future. Thank you.