General Rules

  • A hit to any part of your body, including hands, feet, and limbs counts. Hits to weapons/equipment you are carrying do not count, but anything attached to your person (such as spare clips and ammo) does not act as armor and a hit to these zones will still count.
  • Successful hits are based on an honor system. If you feel a dart hit you, or see it bounce off your body, accept it as a hit. Darts that lightly graze the body but continue their general trajectory, or hit you after ricocheting off something else do not count. Do not argue about whether a hit connected or not.*
  • When you are hit you must immediately cease fire, raise your hands above your head, and return to your team’s base or spawn point. In game types that include hit points, you will deposit one glow stick in the bucket at your base after you are hit. After you have counted out the allotted respawn time (usually 15 seconds) you may return to the battle. Time limits for remaining at base may be imposed to prevent turtling. Spawn camping (waiting near spawn points to hit players coming out of base) is not permitted.
  • You may not lose more than one hit point per spawn (for example, multiple hits from a rapid fire or scatter weapon will count as one hit).
  • Players who are taken out of the game will proceed to a designated “out of bounds” area or team base for the remainder of the game. Once you are out you may not assist or interfere with play in any way (i.e. providing intel to your team or acting as a distraction).
  • Scavenging ammunition and weapons left on the battlefield is permitted, but not stealing from other players. All darts will be collected and divided up after the battle.
  • Melee attacks and thrown darts will not count as hits.
  • Guiding principle of play: Don’t be a dick.

*In games with hit points, disputes over whether a shot connected or not are inevitable. In such stalemates, the decision should err on the side of a successful hit rather than a miss, with one exception: If the target is on their last hit point, disputes should err to a miss. The shot that takes a player out of the game should ideally be a “clean” one.

Weaponry Rules

  • Any store-bought foam dart blaster is fair game to use. Obviously Nerf brand is preferred, but third party blasters are permitted. MEGA darts, suction darts, and all older dart types are allowed, but it is highly recommended to stick with blasters that fire standard Elite or Zombie Strike darts (or same-size equivalent) as that will be the most plentiful ammunition type on the battlefield by far.
  • Other types of blaster ammunition, such as discs, pellets, and foam balls (including the RIVAL line*) are not permitted. Home made “slug” darts (or “Stefans”) and their associated modifications are not permitted.
    *Special RIVAL-only battles may be considered.
  • Aftermarket modifications are allowed, with the exception of CO² and air pressure tank mods. Modifications deemed overpowered will be banned from play. Final say over allowed mods will fall to the game organizers.
  • Melee weapons are not permitted.
  • You may bring and use as many weapons and as much ammunition as you please. Keep in mind, as stated in General Rules, ammunition can be picked up and used by other players. Make a note of your personal weapons and ammunition stockpile and quantities before the battle so it can be returned to you at the end.

Rules by Game Type

  1. Free For All
    • Objective: Be the last man standing
    • Each player starts with 3 hit points. 15 second respawn time at base after a hit. After 3 hits the player is out of the game.
  2. Team Deathmatch
    • Objective: Eliminate all players from the opposing team
    • All players start with 3 hit points. 15 second respawn time at base after a hit. After 3 hits the player is out of the game.
  3. Capture the Flag
    • Objective: Secure both the opposing team’s flag and your team’s flag at your team base.
    • 15 second respawn time at base after a hit, but there are no hit points. Players can respawn an infinite number of times.
    • If you are hit while carrying a flag you must immediately drop the flag where you are and return to base to respawn.
  4. King of the Hill
    • Objective: Accumulate the most time on the control point timer.
    • 15 second respawn time at base after a hit, but there are no hit points. Players can respawn an infinite number of times.
    • 2 – 6 teams have bases at opposing ends of the battlefield. A cube timer is placed in a central location (the control point). Players who manage to reach the control point without being hit turn the timer with their team color facing up, starting a clock. At the end of a predetermined game length, the team with the most time accumulated at the control point wins.
  5. Freeze Tag
    • Objective: Freeze all players on the opposing team
    • Being hit freezes you where you stand. When frozen you must put your hands behind your back and cannot move or shoot. A teammate can unfreeze you by touching you. Team wins by freezing every player on the opposing team.
  6. Base Defense
    • Objective: Defense team – Defend base from intrusion for a set period of time (e.g 10 minutes). Attack team – Reach a specified point inside the base, or eliminate all players on the defense team.
    • Players on the defense team start with 3 hit points, 10 second respawn time. Players on the attack team have infinite hit points and a 15 second respawn time.